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18 August 2008 @ 08:02 pm
Welcome to the community! The 'We Can Solve It' livejournal community is aimed at increasing awareness about combating climate change. Wecansolveit.org has posed an initiative to turn to 100% clean energy within 10 years in the United States. We support that initiative as well as any other steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting global warming worldwide. All members are free to post any news and ideas, and I will periodically update with information.

Especially useful would be ideas and materials for members to create awareness within their own communities. Ideas for events and meetings, letters to editors and representatives, and stuff along those lines would be fantastic.

For some start up reading, I will be posting some PDFs and text versions of files about global warming in general and why we need to centralize our efforts and demand government action. Read those posts for more information, and feel free to post your own tips!